The Diary

A first-of-its-kind product; the world’s first Diary that coaches you back.

The Diary invites you to start your 12 week journey of introspection, self development and self-awareness. Each week reflect in the beautifully designed physical Diary on the four key pillars of your life: work, finances, health & relationships. Then, through QR codes, be taken to your online account to receive tailored coaching and recommended materials from World Leading Experts within each industry. They’re there to guide you towards your unimaginable potential.

You’ll then receive detailed data on your trends and feelings, the more you use it the more personalised the analysis becomes and the more you’re going to discover about your behaviours.

This has never been done before. Where traditionally, a Diary starts and finishes with pen to paper… in The Diary, this is only the beginning.

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Self-awareness is realising that there is no opponent – you’re fighting against yourself.
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